Based on the principle of biophysicist Dieter Broers


The living field balancer (LFS = living field stabilizer) has been developed by Ortus Marketing based on the principle of biophysicist Dieter Broers to reduce the influence of the disturbing frequencies resulting from the artificially evoked fields that surround us on a daily basis.  As Schumann-resonance the phenomenon is described, that electromagnetic waves of a specific frequency form standing waves with the circumference of the earth.

Under disposal of the most innovative developments in the area of electronic device it has been achieved to create a unique technology which in combination with a particularly designed spool generates the desired (weak non-thermic) electromagnetic fields. The inner structure of the LFS is designed in a way that the magnetic fields pursuant to the alignment of the spool behave in relation to the spreading like the magnetic field of the earth.

Product description LFS- Living Field Stabilizer

The natural field stabilizer was developed by Dieter Broers. The natural field stabilizer generates a magnetic field pulsating at a rate of 7,83 Hz. This frequency simulates the Schuhmann-frequency and at the same time a system resonance is brought forward at 10 KHz, which can be considered as a compensation for the fair weather-sferics.

The device is equipped with a "DogWatch" system, that in case of an abnormal system end conducts an automatic new start. So the client can be assured that the living field stabilizer is working appropriately at any time.

Scope of delivery

LFS magnetic field–bio–resonance tool - Made in Germany
Leather Band with adjustable trap
2 batteries 3,0 Volt
Instruction manual with description
Box with special cleaning tissue
Box opener
1 year producer’s warranty


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